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About Tiara Cameron

Capital Solutions, Chair of Board of Directors Footsteps for Africa Foundation, Creator of Tiara Protein Powder

She is the founder and CEO of a health and wellness business, Tiara Protein, as well as a Wellness consultant for companies and organizations nationally and internationally. She is the creator of Tiara Protein Powder. For the past nine years, she has been a “digital influencer”, and is in the top one percent of LinkedIn’s viewed profiles.  She is the single mother of three exceptional children and is 46-years old.  www.TiaraCameron.com

Tiara is involved in Capital Solutions, with experience in consulting, deal sourcing, raising capital for corporations, business structure, and corporate management.  Tiara specializes in asset based business finance and refinance of all kinds, Transactions $100k – $400MM. www.CapitalPresident.com

She makes time to work out 5-days per week.

Tiara sits as The Chair of the Board of Directors for Footsteps for Africa Foundation, an organization that provides clothing and supplies for at-risk children. www.FootstepsForAfrica.org

High protein diet benefits

By consuming a high protein diet and foods low in fat but rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber you can benefit your health immensely. Protein is a vital building block of your muscles. When you build lean muscle, that muscle requires more calories to maintain it.








Gluten Free

Protein boosts your metabolism

Protein is pretty amazing

We know that protein is the second most plentiful substance in your body, next to water. That’s pretty amazing.  Did you know that every single cell in your body has some protein in it? Your organs are made of protein, your hair, your skin, your muscle you are made of protein! Protein needs to be replenished in your body every day.  It is a macro-nutrient, that means your body needs its of it because it uses lots of it.

Muscle is made of protein

Muscle is made of protein.  One pound of muscle burns approximately 60 calories per day to maintain itself in your body. When you add 10-pounds of muscle you are making your body a calorie burn furnace.  More lean muscle = fat loss.

Protein stimulates the thermic effect of food

Your body burns approximately 10% of the calories you consume while breaking down the food into energy and nutrients it can use. This is known as the thermic effect of food. Protein stimulates the thermic effect of food, which means that the body burns more energy processing dietary protein than it does carbohydrates or fats. Therefore the digestion of protein boosts your metabolism more than other nutrients. Diets high in protein also make you feel satiated for longer.

The Results are Amazing

I have received many fitness testimonials and messages from women just like you who have benefitted from my story, experience and advice. Empowering woment to become the best version of themselves is my passion! I started Womens Protein to be a positive and empowering source of fitness and nutritional information and motivation.


I’d been working out regularly but I hadn’t made the leap from trying to ‘reduce’ my body to trying to ‘build’ my body. Tiara assessed my condition and quickly pinpointed what was holding me back from really achieving top physical form. I’m on track now and in just one week my body has started to change. I can’t believe how quickly I am seeing progress.THANK YOU Tiara!

Amie C.


You’re an amazing, inspirational, beautiful, strong woman. You are an inspiration to me and to all women out there.



After one Skype chat with her I finally understood why I was where I was and why my body wasn’t changing. Tiara helped me get motivated, helped me understand the importance of proper nutrition & protein, and helped me create a workout plan for the gym. It’s only been a month and I can’t even believe how much my body is changing. My thoughts went from “I’ll never have that sexy body I’ve always dreamed of” to “I’ll have that sexy I’ve always dreamed of in no time!”

Thank you Tiara for all your help and your continuous support. I could not have done any of this without you!

Sabrina P.


Your information on meal plans, nutrition and fitness is helping me overcome anorexia nervosa.

I’m putting on weight, but I don’t feel bad about it because what fat I am putting on, is healthy for me but the majority of my weight gain is from weight training.

Weights has been the only thing for me to comfortably put weight on without losing it again. Thanks Xxx


Kat S


I wanted to let you know too……since I have been using your protein powder solely (I usually switch them up to change flavors), I have noticed a difference in my energy level with working out, as well as the lack of muscle fatigue (when changing up work out routines). I am an avid amino acid fan and I truly think the difference in the content of amino acids in your powder is the kick I needed! I love it! Admittedly, my husband grabbed my glass the other day and said it was delicious!


Lisa Arnold

Available in three luscious flavors:

Strawberries and Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Milk Chocolate Dream

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